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Clothing person must understand the knowledge of T-shirt fabric

Clothing person must understand the knowledge of T-shirt fabric

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How many kinds of T-shirt fabric, let's talk about:

1.Common pure cotton fabric

Leisure T shirts are made of ordinary cotton fabrics, which are comfortable to wear, but slightly poor in briskness.Easy to wrinkle, easy to deform after launching.

2.Mercerized cotton fabric is made of ordinary pure cotton fabric, and the T-shirt of this fabric is comfortable to wear

Mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton, worsted into high-woven yarn, and then through singing, mercerizing and other special processing procedures, it is made into bright, bright, soft and crease resistant high-quality mercerized yarn.The high quality knitted fabric made of this material not only retains the fine natural characteristics of raw cotton completely, but also has the general luster of silk. The fabric feels soft, absorbs moisture, and has good elasticity and draping feeling.Together with design and color is rich, dress rises comfortable and optional, reflected the temperament of the person that wear adequately and grade.

3.Cotton double mercerized fabric

Cotton double mercerized fabric is "double double wire" pure cotton products, after singeing, mercerizing and mercerized yarn as raw material, reference CAD computer aided design system and CAM computer aided production system, the pattern of the fabric weave design quickly and was carried out on the fabric again after singeing, mercerizing, after a series of finishing, producing the high-grade knitted fabrics, the cloth texture clear,The design is new, shiny and smooth, it is better than mercerized cotton, but the price is a little more expensive because it needs to be mercerized twice.

4.Ultra high count cotton fabric

Few companies will use the fabrics, because its price is very expensive, 120 yarn fabrics of cotton T-shirt prices as high as 170 yuan a kilogram, 200 yarn and cotton T-shirt fabric price is higher, more than 3000 a kilo, 250 yarn and the cotton T-shirt fabrics need 1800 pounds, and our country has not this kind of fabric production process.


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