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Are pajamas the next fashion trend?

Are pajamas the next fashion trend?

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On the basis of improving sleep quality, pajamas add some social attributes and form a more diversified pajamas culture.

According to a new study by market and consumer behavior research firm NPD Group, sales of pajamas priced at $50 and above will grow three times as fast as the total pajamas market in 2020. The global pajamas industry has exceeded $10 million in 2019 and is expected to exceed $18 million by 2027.

After custom sportswear and comfortable underwear have become "popular", will pajamas become the next clothing outlet?

The rise of the pajama industry can't be attributed to the changes in People's Daily life caused by last year's epidemic.In the home office scene, pajamas add some social attributes to the basic function of improving sleep quality, forming a more diversified pajamas culture.

In early 2020, pajama-related terms repeatedly topped the list of most searched topics.According to data from Pinduoduo, a shopping platform in February 2020, pajamas ranked fifth on the list of "top 10 most popular commodities for homebuyers", with sales increasing by 190% year on year.According to shopping app LikeToKnow, there were more than 200,000 searches for pajamas on the platform in the fourth quarter of 2020, with a triple digit increase in searches for the related keywords.

At the same time, sharing videos around the "residence economy" cover every corner of life. Compared with the common commuting and dating clothes, sharing comfortable home is more in line with the current trend.Take Bilibili (B) and Douyin, two video platforms which are popular among young people, for example. When the reporter searched for "pajama sharing" on B, the number of videos played reached over 1.4 million.Douyin has 770 million views of videos on the topic "Pajamas for Home", and two accounts, "Ningshun Pajamas for Pajamas" and "Casino Pajamas for Pajamas", only share content about pajamas.Combined with the actual scene, highlighting the comfort, the design of pajamas with more space for play is also in line with the young people like audio-visual, content, immersive shopping habits.

As designer Tom Ford said, "Fashion is not just clothes, but a whole way of life."Accordingly, in addition to pajamas, towels, socks and other insignificant small objects are also expanding their value added space, and "high appearance level", "ritual sense" and "high cost performance" have become the key words of these intimate categories.

The analysis report of China's home service industry in 2020 points out that 75%~80% of consumers will choose home service in the next five years.In the next five to ten years, the home service market will usher in a period of rapid development and become one of the segments with the highest development potential of the garment industry.


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