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How to choose the right sports bra

How to choose the right sports bra


Why are sports bras important?

When your body starts to move, your breasts move too, including up and down, side to side, and even figure-eights. Continued repetitive motion can lead to soreness, pain, and even sagging breasts.

Sports bra wholesale are products developed to reduce this undesirable breast movement. There are no muscles in the breasts, and without proper support, the skin and Cooper's ligaments can rupture and cause the breasts to sag. Once Cooper's ligaments lose their elasticity, they cannot be repaired.

No matter how big your cup size is, every girl experiences bouncing breasts in sports. So no matter what size your breasts are, every girl should wear a custom sports bra when running or exercising. According to different impact methods, sports can be divided into:

Low Impact (Low Support Needs) Walking Yoga Strength Training

Moderate impact (medium support required) Moderate hiking Skiing Road cycling

High impact (high support needs) running Aerobics Mountain biking

How to Pick a Sports Bra

First, neither too tight nor too loose. Too tight, and your ribs will hurt when you breathe; too loose, and there's no point in supporting and protecting your breasts. The tightness should allow you to breathe comfortably and properly. When wearing a wholesale bra for running, the straps shouldn't move left or right with your movement, which proves to be too loose, and you don't want the straps to scratch your shoulders.

I don't need to say more about the size of the cups, girls have a lot of experience when choosing bras, I just want to say, that is, make the bottom edge of the best sports bra or the edge of the cup against your ribs, not your body other parts of.

Most of the new women sports bras use high-tech fabrics, including moisture absorption, stretch fabrics to improve breathing ability, etc. Choose a piece of clothing that suits how you exercise and how much you sweat to give you more exercise pleasure.

If you have the opportunity, put on a gym sports bra and simulate your usual movement patterns, such as jumping up and down back and forth to feel the effect of wearing it.

In the end, with proper care, a good sports bra should last about 6 months to a year, or about 72 washes. When you notice that the fabric of your yoga sports bra is pilling or losing stretch, it's time to buy a new one. Of course, you can also extend its life by purchasing and using special sportswear detergents, but it's up to you whether you need to spend more to take care of a sportswear.

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